Blog posts of '2022' 'March'

BRG9 Elite with Craig's Gun Channel

Craig, with Craig's Gun Channel, has posted several videos covering the BRG9 Elite on both Vimeo and YouTube, including a brief history and overview, a desktop review, a field strip review, and a range day test. Thanks, Craig!


BRG9 Elite Shooting Impressions with Graham Baates

Graham and Teya offer their shooting impressions of the BRG9 Elite in a new video on the Graham Baates YouTube channel. They also posted a related article on their website. Take a look!

BRG9 Elite Review by Carter's Country

Larry Holiday and Justin Carter with Carter's Country have released a video review of the BRG9 Elite. Thanks for taking a look!

BRG9 Elite Torture Test by Ghost Tactical

Trey at Ghost Tactical has just released a video on YouTube in which he puts the BRG9 Elite through a torture test he is calling the Crucible. Watch the video to see how it went.

BRG9 Elite Accuracy Test with CloverTac

Chris Dover with CloverTac has posted a follow-up to his previous video relating to the BRG9 Elite on Youtube. Thanks, Chris.

Interview with GunStuff TV

Ken with Buffalo Cartridge sat down with Chris, Ursula, and Scott with GunStuff TV for a short interview. Check it out on their Facebook page.